If your tax woes turn criminal, or even just have the potential to become criminal, you must take appropriate action immediately to eliminate or minimize the damage. The IRS will investigate and pursue any taxpayer who commits a federal tax crime.

The truth is that the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS has several agents to investigate each criminal case. In 2015, out of the 1,666 individuals who were investigated, 1,664 were sentenced. The point is that when the IRS investigates someone, they usually get them. But your situation is not hopeless. If you are proactive and hire representation you can prevent your tax debt from escalading to what is considered criminal.

By hiring a tax professional, you have someone to assess your situation quickly and review the facts. It is also vital that you contact the IRS immediately, to avoid turning your case into a criminal one. When dealing with a criminal tax issue, the most important thing to remember is to work efficiently and keep the matter civil. Bear in mind that whatever the consequences are, you have to resolve it quickly to avoid prison time.

Our tax professionals at Enterprise Consultants Group have an excellent track record of working with the IRS’s criminal investigations. We carry out strategic criminal tax defense plans to resolve the criminal matters of our clients with as little inconvenience to them as possible. Our tax attorneys have a reputation for being steadfast advocates on the part of our clients. We strive to maintain an excellent working relationship with federal and state government representatives.


There are no excuses in tax violations. Telling the IRS that your business is down and you need to pay your kids’ college tuition is not a criminal tax defense. Instead, it will be used against you as a proof of guilt.

If an IRS agent contacts you, you should remember to say that you are not ready to speak with them. Then, call a criminal tax attorney immediately. Bear in mind that the criminal division of the IRS takes criminal tax violations seriously. Thus, you should always take it very seriously.


In case you have not been contacted by an IRS agent, but you received a tax audit, you should still contact a tax attorney before you start speaking with the IRS. Hiring a tax attorney may reduce your fines or penalties as long as you contact a tax lawyer as quickly as possible.

The earlier your criminal tax violations are assessed, the quicker they can be resolved. You will also face less damage.

Don’t waste time. Call Enterprise Consultants Group now for a free confidential consultation before your case is escaladed to what’s considered criminal: (800) 575-9284.