Dealing with the IRS is not only stressful, but it is also time-consuming. It is especially true if you are negotiating an IRS payment plan. Our mission here at Enterprise Consultants Group is to help you achieve tax resolution at the lowest amount that the law allows. We can also negotiate a payment schedule that will not disrupt your economic life, thereby reducing your anxiety and stress. Allow our tax defense partners in speaking and dealing with the federal and state tax agencies. That said, there is no need to meet and talk to them personally. We will do that for you.

What is Tax Resolution Service of Enterprise Consultants Group?

Our tax resolution service is a full service that services corporations, individual taxpayers, and small businesses, among others. We will give you a thorough understanding of the overall process to help resolve your tax problems and give you realistic expectations to probable outcomes. We will negotiate the lowest payment amount with the IRS and the most favorable schedule.

However we will not allow you to retain our services without making sure that you are a legitimate candidate for a tax resolution. Remember that the IRS is following strict guidelines to govern eligibility. So, before you hire us, we will let you know up front the tax resolution options available for your situation. The decision will depend on your IRS filings and other documentary details you can provide us.

Our ethical and honest approach is what separates us from other tax resolution companies. It has assisted our team to achieve highest client satisfaction. Our tax accounting services are provided on an as-needed basis. We will step in your shoes to make sure that your rights are properly preserved and help you pay the lowest amount of tax that the law will allow. We ensure that the terms and amount are appropriate for your case.

Who Should Use Our Tax Resolution Service?

This kind of tax service is appropriate for individuals or companies receiving notices from the IRS. It is also appropriate for taxpayers with wages that are being garnished. If you are not sure whether or not our tax resolution service is ideal for your case, please talk to one of our tax specialists.

Problems with the IRS are extremely common. There are approximately 26 million individual taxpayers in the US who do not agree with what they owe with the said government agency. Some of them may agree with the amount, but they cannot afford to pay what they owe in full.

Here are at Enterprise Consultants Group, we have already negotiated and settled hundreds of cases. We have negotiated more tax debts within one month than the most CPAs handle in their entire career.

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