Reviews And Testimonials
From Our Clients

“After my divorce I was left with a heavy tax debt of over $250,000. To make matters worse I was broke and feared that my wages were going to get garnished. I called Enterprise Consultants Group after seeing a TV ad and they quickly got work with resolving my issue. They settled my tax debt for $3500. I quickly borrowed that amount from family and paid it off. Now that I’m tax debt free, my stress level has come down and I’m doing much better with my finances.”

B. Davis/Los Angeles CA

“The Advocates at ECG helped me clean up a huge mess that another tax firm created. They honestly exceeded my expectations. Now ECG continues to file my taxes every year. I am thankful to have found a firm that I can trust with my taxes.”

J. Flowers/Charlotte NC

“Before we started working with Enterprise Consultants Group, our company owed $100,000 in past taxes. But the tax attorneys at the Enterprise Consultants Group dealt with the IRS on our behalf. Because of that, we settled our debt for $10,000. The total cost we paid to our tax attorneys was less than the original due. Thank you Enterprise Consultants Group for alleviating our heavy burden.”

Mary/Beverly Hills

“For some unknown reason, I neglected to file my income taxes for several years. With that, I ended up getting notices from the IRS. I had no knowledge on how to deal with the IRS, so I contacted Enterprise Consultants Group as recommended by a colleague of mine. The firm’s tax attorneys helped me get a good deal. My funds are back. Thanks, Enterprise Consultants Group.”

Edward Nigel/Canyon Lake City

“Thank you so much for ending the ordeal that I had to carry. I was pleased that I made the right decision by calling Enterprise Consultants Group. The firm has exceptional attorneys who helped me get through my tax problems. If you need legal tax advice in the future, don’t hesitate to call them. They’re the best.”


“I faced a tax debt of more than $75,000. But Enterprise Consultants Group’s tax attorneys helped me paid only $15,000. They assisted me in settling my debt and paid less than what I owed. Thank you. Highly recommended!”

Jeremy/Bishop City

“Enterprise Consultants Group has outstanding attorneys. They kept me informed promptly. They we’re not in a hurry to settle our case just to get their fees. They did what they could to get me the best settlement I deserved. I would recommend them to any person who needs help with his tax problems.”

Sheila/Anaheim, California

“Before working with Enterprise Consultants Group, we hired another tax attorney. But he showed little hope in solving our tax woes. We thought that no company could help us in getting through those difficult times. But we made the right choice when we contacted Enterprise Consultants Group. The firm was in constant communication with us throughout the whole process. The tax attorneys who worked with us did everything they can to alleviate our stressful situation. They did not only reach a resolution, but they did it quicker than we’ve expected. To anyone seeking assistance with tax issues, you should reach out to Enterprise Consultants Group.”

Paul/Agoura Hills, Los Angeles, CA

“My business received letters from the IRS indicating that they had opened and audit. In know I needed help but I was reluctant. I Google searched and found Enterprise Consultants Group, then called for a free consultation. I was impressed with professionalism knowledge of the consultant that I spoke to so I hired them for my business. During the audit period they were always available to answer my questions. I feel that they handled things efficiently and I’m very happy with the end result.”

C. Bell/Dallas TX

Client Testimonials

Maurel SaucierMaurel Saucier
21:49 08 Mar 22
I want to thank you Anna Phan for her continued help with this IRS case.Anna has been so helpful and professional. She is there to help with any questions I might have. She is genuine and caring person.
Ronald OlstadRonald Olstad
16:21 25 Feb 22
They said us over $4,000. We really appreciate it. They took the stress away & saved us. Highly recommended. Again thank you very much!!!
Hassan SesayHassan Sesay
01:24 17 Feb 22
Anna Phan is an outstanding and professional lawyer for Enterprise Consultant Group. Anna will not only defend you but also she will cares for as a human being. This lawyer is no nonsense lawyer, she is consistent, thorough and provides you with the outstanding results. I will recommend her to anyone looking for help with taxes from the IRS.
Hassan SesayHassan Sesay
01:15 17 Feb 22
Anna Phan at Enterprise Consultant group is an outstanding and professional lawyer who is there for her clients. This lawyer is no nonsense lawyer, she will not only defend you but also cares for as a human being. I will recommend her to anyone looking for help with taxes from the IRS. Thank you Anna.
Fredrick DavisFredrick Davis
15:41 14 Feb 22
Anna is the bomb! Got my case handled! She walked me threw it!!!! It didn't even hurt! Thanks! She knows what to do! She listens really well! Very personal and professional! Fred davis.