Is your California corporation inactive? If it is, it must be dissolved. The reason for this is that, even if your company did not transact any business in the state, it must still perform all of its functions:

  • Remitting payment of the state’s annual franchise tax.
  • Holding an annual meeting.
  • Filing a yearly Statement of Information Of Officers and Directors; and
  • Paying a filing fee

Furthermore, your corporation has to file an annual tax return and pay taxes to the FTB even if it did not earn a penny.

Because of those actions, you should consider dissolving your inactive California corporation, but do not worry. Let our legal attorneys at Enterprise Consultants Group assist you in doing so.

Here are some of the things that we can do for the dissolution of your corporation:

  • Preparing and documenting corporate’s intent to dissolve
  • Preparing and filing of appropriate documents with the right authority
  • Preparing and filing the Certificate of Surrender

Why It is Necessary to Seek Our Dissolution Service?

All corporate dissolution documents must be prepared and filed properly; otherwise, they are rejected by the Secretary of State. But with our assistance, we can help you avoid it. In this way, the dissolution process will not take long.

We do not send your documents by mail. Rather, we hand-deliver it to the office of the Secretary of Office to prevent the risk of loss. We also do it in this way, so as to expedite the entire process.

Accountant checking financial statement or counting by calculator income for tax form, hands close-up. Business woman sitting and working with colleague at the desk in office. Audit concept

Now, if you choose to prepare and submit the proper documents yourself, the process can take more than three months. Plus, you have to think about delays as a result of a rejected filing.

If you opt to have us processed your documents, we will work diligently guarantee so that the dissolution process will be completed as quickly as possible. After the Secretary of State has acknowledged the proper filing, your corporation can now file a final tax return with the FTB. When it is accepted, the process is complete.


What if Your Corporation Has Been Suspended?

If it is, it cannot be dissolved without first reviving it. Unfortunately, we cannot file your documents with the California Secretary of State on your behalf if your corporation is suspended. But we can assist you in preparing the documents. We will tell you what documents you need to activate it again so it can be dissolved.

For further inquiries about dissolution of your California corporation, please schedule an initial consultation with us at (800) 575-9284.

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