One of the services we offer at Enterprise Consultants Group is representing our clients with California Sales tax problems. In this state, the California State Board of Equalization (BOE) is in charge of administering use, property and sales taxes. Interactions with this public organization come in the form of collection and administration of sales taxes.

What are Sales Taxes in California?

Sales taxes are paid by individuals and businesses who sell goods in California. They are measured by knowing the gross receipts without non-taxable sales. The Board of Equalization has thousands of employees who administer sales / use tax audits, in addition to collecting outstanding sales and use taxes

Any California sales tax problems that involve the Board of Equalization can be difficult to handle. It is particularly true if you do not hire an experienced tax attorney. The reason for this is that the said public organization employs an aggressive approach in collecting revenue

Hands holding documents with title sales tax.

If you are still in business, the BOE will insist on extreme payment terms, regardless of your financial consequences. It does so to force you to pay off your sales tax liability. On the other hand, if you are out of business, you cannot hide from it, as the Board of Equalization is known for casting a wider net just to assess as many business owners for a sales tax liability.


What can We do to Help?

At Enterprise Consultants Group, our tax attorneys are well-versed in dealing with the Board of Equalization. We have a friendly approach to resolving our clients’ California sales tax problems. Despite the “friendliness,” we always take a non-nonsense attitude.

Furthermore, we will handle your case with a clear strategy to resolve your problems and achieve the outcome best suited for your situation. Our sales tax audit defense is combined with practical knowledge of the tax and audit procedure. We also analyze and dissect statistical methods.

Not all tax attorneys have the ability to have a robust approach to their clients’ California sales tax problems. As a result, they fail to advocate for their clients. But our tax lawyers implement a sales tax audit approach to making a difference to the overall outcome of their case.

To protect your rights as a taxpayer, you should seek the advice of a tax attorney in your case involving the Board of Equalization. We strongly encourage you to get free consultation today by calling (800) 575-9284.