Have you been contacted by the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) because of a tax debt? If you have, then we at the Enterprise Consultants Group can help. Remember that the FTB can levy, lien or garnish your bank account and income for your unpaid taxes. But we can stop all of that.

The Franchise Tax Board administers two of the California’s major tax programs: corporation tax and the personal income tax.

Notice of Levy

The FTB will mail a notice of collection action. The notice will describe your rights to contest, the consequences if you do not comply, your tax liability and the deadline. Rather than a warrant, a notice of levy is used to collect on the money. This notice is made by sheriffs or the California Highway Patrol. The officer will serve the tax union receipt of the warrant. He will take possession of the assets according to the instructions in the order.

If the FTB issues a bank levy, you must ask for immediate assistance from a tax attorney, because the bank can hold the money in trust before it can send it to the FTB. It will allow you to time to find professional help. During this period, you can dispute the bank levy. After you have consulted with us, we will contact the FTB and the Bank. In this way, we can stop the transferring of your bank money to the FTB.

What is Offer in Compromise?

You can settle your tax debt for less than what you owed. It is possible through an Offer in Compromise. It is a complicated process. With that in mind, we recommend getting the help of our tax professionals at Enterprise Consultants Group.

It is vital that you do not wait before you contact a tax attorney after you receive a notice from the IRS. Our goal here at the Enterprise Consultants Group is to quickly resolve your tax problems, so that stressful burden will be removed from your shoulders as soon as possible.

The laws of taxes in California are complicated. For that reason, we encourage you to contact us for our counsel and guidance during this time. You can resolve it on your own. But doing so will only make matters worse. Please let us use our skills and our years of experience to benefit your case.

To find out how you can control your tax problems, please contact our tax professionals today. We strive to alleviate the stress of our clients because of their tax woes. It is true that there are different tax-related problems. But there are also options for tax resolution. Call us up for a free consultation: (800) 575-9284.