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Penalties and interest for unpaid taxes can cause sleepless nights. You may ask yourself why it is happening to you, and where you will get money to pay for it. But don’t worry, the tax appeals experts at the Enterprise Consultants Group are here to assist you.

Our tax professionals have years of training and experience in mining the depths of the tax code, as well as the case law in local, federal and state jurisdictions. We have won judgments consistently on behalf of our client

What are Tax Appeals?

They are an ideal way to resolve disagreements that you have with the IRS about the tax items reported on your return. If the IRS makes a change to your return that you do not agree with, you have the right to an appeal.

The government has an Appeals Office which is separate from other offices of the IRS, and is designed to investigate or audit tax returns. If you received a written notification from the IRS, you have the right to disagree and request a tax appeals conference.

The tax appeals conference is an informal meeting with an impartial officer to settle the dispute. Before you attend this conference, you should hire a tax attorney to represent you. Our tax attorneys at Enterprise Consultants Group are authorized to practice before the IRS and specialize in Appeals.

Written Protest

If you want to exercise your right to tax appeals, then you will need to write a formal protest. It should include your personal contact information and a statement that you request the right to an appeal. You also need to submit a copy of the IRS notification, the relevant tax years, and facts that can support your position.

Working with a tax lawyer will help you decide the right course of action. Our tax attorneys are passionate advocates who will stand with you in all dealings with the IRS.

We believe that court cases are not won by quoting case laws. Rather, they are won by presenting the facts and supporting claims with evidence. They are also won by making compelling arguments. We will work with you to build a case that will win the appeal.

If you are in need filing tax appeals, feel free to contact one of our tax advocates at Enterprise Consultants Group: (800) 575-9284.