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Have you been contacted by an IRS Revenue Officer? There are many reasons why one of these agents might pop up and visit your home or office. What are your options? Do you speak with them? Do you hand over as much financial information as you have on hand? Or do you call your tax accounting firm and request their presence to represent you in discussions with the IRS? The correct response is clearly the last one.

When you owe a sizable amount of money, a revenue officer or agent may come knocking on your door. These professionals are employed by the IRS, and they want to play hardball, so to speak. Some of the reasons why one might appear at your door include:

  • You owe over $25,000
  • You haven’t filed your tax returns in years
  • You’ve ignored numerous letters and other attempts
  • You’ve had IRS issues in the past
  • Your business owes the IRS

What are Your Options?

The best thing you can do in these situations is to seek revenue officer representation. This involves having a professional attorney or accounting professional (or both) speak to the IRS on your behalf. Our Attorneys and Accountants will run interference and may prevent the IRS from seizing your property.

Owing the IRS enough money that they dispatch a revenue officer or revenue agent to speak with you and check your accounting information is no laughing matter. At this point, you need professional guidance and support and should not try to represent yourself. If you provide incorrect information or try to avoid the agent, they won’t hesitate to seize your bank accounts, assets, or property, which in some cases, can be avoided. It’s best to have someone – a professional – work with them for you. In doing so, you receive some protections and will not have to worry about sinking deeper into trouble.

Contact Us for Assistance

The IRS is serious about collecting back taxes; therefore, you must be serious in your handlings of the situation as well. If the IRS has popped up at your door in the form of a revenue agent or officer, you must seek professional representation immediately. At Enterprise Consultants Group, we provide expert revenue officer representation. Call now for a free and confidential consultation. (800) 575-9284.