If you have IRS payroll tax problems, you should consult tax lawyers who specialize in this area. Tax returns undergo auditing for several reasons. The IRS utilizes a “Discriminant Function System” to grade your tax returns for any errors. The higher your DFS score is, the greater your chances of being chosen for audit. Self-employed taxpayers are more likely to be audited than those who receive a W-2 work. Furthermore, some taxpayers are selected for review because of their tax preparers. The IRS knows that some tax preparers are not following the rules correctly. Now, if you have been selected for the audit, you should consult with a tax attorney before an audit starts.

IRS tax problems arise for several reasons. But the IRS moves slowly. It can take a few months before it gets serious. Despite that, you must resolve your IRS tax problems as soon as possible because those issues can easily grow quarter after quarter. Then, the interest and penalties continue to accumulate. If you have to wait a little longer, the IRS will threaten to shut down your business. It is also important to remember that if you failed to pay payroll taxes, there is chance that you could face imprisonment as a punishment.

Incompetent Employees

Business owners will also face IRS payroll tax problems when they have incompetent employees who failed to pay their payroll tax debts but hide the mistakes from the business owners. If this is your case, you will need to hire a tax attorney who can negotiate a settlement with the IRS. Using this approach, penalties and interest on penalties may be reduced or removed all together. The tax attorneys at Enterprise Consultants Group can prevent the government from making you responsible for your business payroll tax debts which stem from of your incompetent employees.

Although the IRS can impose charges, you have rights too. We recommend consulting a tax attorney to get a permanent resolution. Our tax attorneys at Enterprise Consultants Group have years of experience in helping our clients resolve all of their payroll tax problems.

One of the solutions you can have in solving those challenges is to submit offers in compromise. The goal here is to reduce your tax debt. You may also choose to obtain a short-term deferral. In this way, you can get back on your feet. We can also negotiate a penalty abatement with an installment agreement so you can pay your tax debt for a specified period and a specific amount which fits into your budget.

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