August 04, 2021
What Organizations Should Understand About Applying for Tax-Exempt Status

Tax-exempt status, a special designation with the IRS that separates non-profit organizations from those that are designed to earn a…

July 28, 2021
2021 Employee Retention Credit

The COVID-19 pandemic threw many people’s lives into chaos, but none quite so much as the small business owner. These…

July 21, 2021
States Taxing Federal Bailouts and Its Effects on Small Businesses

In 2020, due to the economic hardships that small businesses suffered thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Government put…

July 14, 2021
Required Minimum Distributions Explained

There are many different types of retirement plans in existence, from 401(k) plans to IRAs and others. While these plans…

July 07, 2021
Tax Advice for Newlyweds: What Changes after Saying “I Do?”

When tying the knot, you will establish your new home together which will also require financial planning and tax preparedness.…

June 30, 2021
What Do I Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting?

With the rise in the worth of cryptocurrency in recent years, it makes sense that people are beginning to add…


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